“Forum” Widget

“Forum” Widget

The “Forum” widget enables you to create forum discussions on different topics. Also it allows you to view information about the community, your profile and your activity.


The “Forum” widget looks the following way:






1) The main information about the user (name, rank, amount of points available etc.) is gathered in the “Profile” section in the upper right corner of the user toolbar:




Within this “Profile” section a user can also “Buy Points” (which are necessary to use more effects in comments), check their “Public Profile” (it will redirect a user to my.solidopinion.com/user/ page), “Change Settings” (it will redirect a user to the SolidOpinion Comments profile page), or “Log out” of their profile:




2) Users can also take a look on:


-> Community information:




-> Rewards (if any):




-> Profile information (it duplicates info described in the previous paragraph and also contains more detailed info about the user and their comments):




-> Their profile activity:




-> The “Help” section which gives helpful information about Bonuses, Power Moves, Opportunities for Expression and Ranks:




Note: Above there is an example of the widget with the Default current template selected in the Game Rules tab and Custom current template selected in the Ranks tab on the admin panel.   


Features & Effects


The SolidOpinion Comments widget enables commenters to use different features and effects in their comments to make the discussion interesting and engaging:

-> Vote comments “Up” and “Down”

-> Put “Multi Like” and “Multi Dislike”

-> Add emoticons

-> Add images and embed videos

-> Block other authors

-> Mark other authors’ comments as spam

-> Change other authors’ names and pictures

-> etc.


All features and effects can be found in the “Author” menu as well as in the “Comment” menu in the user toolbar: