10 Ways to Get More Shares on Every Article You Publish

10 Ways to Get More Shares on Every Article You Publish

If you want to truly expand your site’s reach, you can’t just rely on sharing your own content; you need others to share it as well.

So how can you acquire those all important social shares? We’ve come up with ten steps that, when combined with great content, will lead to a highly shared article.

Publish content to social media multiple times.

Your first instinct may be to limit your sharing of your own content to avoid spamming your audience. However, the fact is that only a small percentage of your total followers see any given post you shar eon social media.

That’s why it’s important to maximize your audience reach by sharing each piece of content multiple times. We recommend the following sharing schedule for each piece of your own content: share it once or twice the day you publish, once a week later, then monthly after that.

It’s easy to see how repeating this sharing schedule over time would lead to a whole lot of great content consistently being shared in rotation.

Use social sharing buttons.

Your site should make it super simple for anyone who feels inclined to share your content. Social sharing buttons allow visitors to share your content in a single click.

There are tons of free plugins out there that serve this purpose; we like Digg Digg and WP Social Sharing.

Use social sharing buttons.

When you’re focused on creating great textual content, it can be easy to forget about images. But in fact, images drive far more pageviews than text!

Grab a piece of all that sharing by filling your posts with compelling, colorful images.

Don’t forget about Pinterest—it’s an incredible platform for capturing social shares. You should provide at least one pin-friendly image in each post. Canva has a great tutorial here for creating the perfect Pinterest image.

Jump on breaking news

In 2015, 63% of Facebook and Twitter users said they use the platforms to consume news content, and that number is only likely to grow in 2016.

Help your followers stay up-to-date with news in your industry (and rack up shares of your content) by posting breaking news on your site as soon as it happens, then sharing that post to social media.

Partner up with other publishers in your niche

Just like in the face-to-face world, online success is determined in part by who you know. Forming relationships with other publishers of similar size is a great way to help one another grow. You can share each other’s content on a regular basis and effectively double your social media reach.

Once you’ve found a publisher you’d like to connect with, open the relationship by sharing one of their posts that you liked (be sure to tag them so they see your share!). A day or two later, follow up with a friendly and sincere email, like this:

Subject line: Loved your recent post!


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I really liked your recent post on INSERT TOPIC HERE. I also blog about YOUR SHARED TOPIC, and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in swapping some posts on social media.

I’d be happy to share a few of your posts over the next couple weeks, if you’d be open to sharing a few of mine in return. It could be a great way for both of us to reach some new readers!

Let me know what you think. Keep up the great work!

The key here—and we can’t stress this enough—is to only try this tactic with publishers the same size or slightly smaller than you. If you approach someone with a massive readership, it just seems like you’re trying to mooch off their established following.

Pay with a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet is a social payment system that allows readers to access a certain reward—say, an e-book or downloadable freebie—by “paying” with a Tweet about your site.

For example, let’s say you run a paid service, like an app or plugin. Perhaps you set up Pay with a Tweet to offer users a free trial of your service or an upgrade in exchange for their Tweet. It’s a great way to generate buzz about your site. Just make sure whatever you’re offering is actually a fair trade for a user’s Tweet.

Conduct expert interviews

‘How-to’ and ‘ultimate guide’ posts already generate a high amount of social shares on their own; step it up a notch by compiling advice from a group of experts, who will in turn share your post with their own networks.

This takes a bit of legwork. First, compile a list of around 50 influencers who could comment on the topic you’re writing about. If you cover car news, for example, you might write a post about the Best New Models of 2016, and ask car experts to weigh in. Your list would include people like car bloggers and the editors of popular auto magazines.

Then, approach each of your 50 contacts via email about commenting for your post. Frame it in a way that’s appealing to them: you want their expert insight.

Once you’ve secured 10 to 20 responses, compile them all to form your post. Once the post is live, email the link to each of your experts with a personal thank you for participating. Then, watch

Use a sharing service

Social sharing services help you leverage the power of the crowd to share your content.

Different services work in various ways. Viral Content Buzz, for example, allows you to earn credits by sharing the content of others. Then, you can use those credits to “buy” shares from influencers.

Thunderclap and Nouncy are two services that help you generate shares from your friends and family which are later sent out via Facebook or Twitter simultaneously. This is useful for things like announcements and product launches where you want to generate buzz on a specific day and time.

Use SolidOpinion’s social sharing features

SolidOpinion rewards your users for sharing your content socially. Users love social rewards because they translate into real-world rewards, like gift cards to their favorite cafes and retailers.

Try SolidOpinion free for your site now.

Create amazing content

The final and most effective tactic for getting more shares on social media is simply to create amazing content week after week. Nothing is more valuable than your reputation, and when you build a reputation for being a must-read site, your readers will return and share your content again and again.

Have you tried any of these tips for getting more social media shares? Leave us a comment and let us know what’s worked for you.