Our management team

Decades of successful entrepreneurial industry experience and a passion for tech make for a visionary team. We see trends before they start to form and respond by creating the necessary technology to take us and you into the future. If the web has a pulse, we’ve got our finger on it.

Constantine Goltsev

CEO, Founder

Constantine Goltsev is a veteran of the online advertising industry. He has more than 20 years of experience in software and product development. Constantine is the former CEO and founder of the pioneering video advertising network AdoTube, which grew from humble beginnings to 200 employees selling in 23 markets with 13 offices worldwide. AdoTube was sold to Exponential Interactive.

Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez

Chairman, Founder

Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez is an entrepreneur with a record of launching progressive, dynamic companies across multiple industries from finance to fashion to social media. Most recently, Mr. Ruiz-Gimenez embarked on reshaping several industries through Infrastructure Media Group Holdings – IMGH and Innovators Fund; two enterprises he co-founded in 2012. IMGH is a holding company focused on global infrastructure, energy, commodities and public private partnerships. Innovators Fund is a collaborative based seeding platform focused on investing in novel, disruptive technologies across multiple disciplines globally.

Arthur Meyerovich

EVP of Sales, Founder

Arthur Meyerovich brings 18 years of Internet entrepreneurship to the team. He has founded a media agency, a video advertising network, and one of the largest health publisher groups, with 8 figures of revenue and consecutive years on the Inc 500 list. Arthur’s Internet companies have serviced Fortune 500 clients in technology, direct response, branding, and strategy, across the myriad of both traditional and constantly evolving online marketing channels. Speaking Russian, French, and conversational Spanish, Arthur is an avid traveler, having explored 6 continents and over 80 countries. However, no exploration has been as fulfilling as being a husband and father.

Nick Urmach

CTO, Founder

Nick is a seasoned engineering leader with extensive experience in managing and growing software development teams in high-growth startups. Prior to joining SolidOpinion, Nick served as VP of Engineering in Adotube (Exponential Interactive) for more than 6 years. Nick holds a diploma in Computer Science from the Zhitomir State Technological University, Ukraine and now resides in Irvine, California.

Alexander Prokopyev

Chief Software Architect

Alexander is a veritable cornucopia of innovative brainstorms related to all technical matters of the company, as well as an unstoppable jackhammer destroying all obstacles faced by his team. He is a very talented engineer and an effective team lead, always keen on keeping up with the latest developments in technology, applying that knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills to building robust and innovative solutions. Prior to joining SolidOpinion, Alex served as Chief Software Architect in Adotube (Exponential Interactive) for more than 4 years.

Our development team

SolidOpinion is proud of its tight-knit team of 50 employees from the East and West coasts of the US, as well as Israel, Romania, Ukraine and Russia, who have been working together for over 4 years, since the company’s founding in 2013. We have a client management, customer support, moderation and operations departments. And among our 30 engineers in the Technical department we have over 60 years of combined experience in Java, over 70 years of PHP knowledge and over 65 years of Javascript and 15 years of Kubetnetes background. Our engineers hold more than 80 years of combined experience in SQL technology, 60 years of Amazon and Cloud services knowledge, and more than 25 years of QA and 20 years of project management experience.

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