How to make money from a website using the power of the comments section

How to make money from a website using the power of the comments section

If you’re an online publisher, you’ve probably tried AdSense and banner ads. But let’s be honest—a couple cents per click don’t exactly make all those ads worth your while.

You can create sponsored content, which is a growing source of income for publishers, but it’s not always easy to come by advertisers.

The opportunities for monetization don’t end there—though many site owners think so. There’s another section of your site with revenue-generating potential that most publishers neglect entirely: the comments section.

The Opportunity.

If you have an engaged readership, most of the action on your site happens below the fold—that space way down at the bottom of your blog posts or articles. If it’s a space you barely pay attention to, you’re not alone.

When you ignore your comments section, though, think about all the potential revenue you’re leaving on the table. The commenters are engaged. They’re spending time there by choice, which is much different than the sentiment associated with viewing an ad. And, if they’re really invested in the conversation, they’ll come back again and again to participate.

SolidOpinion offers a simple way to make money from a website by taking advantage of this below-the-fold engagement.

How It Works.

SolidOpinion is a fully customizable program that works ontop of your existing comment section, like Disqus or WordPress comments. It gives commenters the ability to vote comments up or down

Here’s where the fun comes in. Commenters earn points for participating in the conversation. These points can then be redeemed for rewards, like merchandise, gift cards or higher placement within the conversation. Those users who want to achieve rewards faster can purchase points to move their comment to the top, with you receiving a share of the revenue.

The SolidOpinion system is also a lucrative space for brands to engage with your audience. For example, if you run a site dedicated to personal finance, your comments section is the perfect venue for a company like TurboTax to advertise its services. These sponsored placements can also be managed through SolidOpinion.

Cost Effective.

For web site owners, the best thing about SolidOpinion is that it’s completely free to install and use. We know running a website isn’t cheap; that’s why we’ve made SolidOpinion completely risk-free. You have nothing to lose by adding it to your site!

Want to see how SolidOpinion outs below-the-fold revenue within your reach? Get started today in just a few minutes’ time.