Promoted Headlines for commenters

Promoted Headlines for commenters

The “Promoted Headlines” widget allows users to sponsor relevant content by placing text ads right above article headlines, visible to users across all devices.


To post a promoted headline a user will have to spend a certain number of points, determined by the website owner on the admin panel.


All users have an opportunity to be involved into the competition for the top spot and outbid the user, who posted the promoted headline earlier.


To post a promoted headline follow the steps below:


1. Log in to your account on the website you want a promoted headline to be placed on


2. Find the article of the category relevant to your product or service. This will ensure that your ad message will be shown to the users who are potentially the most interested in your offer


3. Scroll down the page to open the comments section by clicking the “View Comments” button. This action will automatically register you on the SolidOpinion commenting system and since then you’ll be able to leave comments as well as promoted comments and promoted headlines on the website. Besides you will also see the main information about your account on the website: your username, amount of points available to you and your rank. In the  “Profile” tab you’ll find additional information about your account




4. Then go to the “Promoted Headlines” widget section, located right above the title of the article


5. Click the triangle in the right corner of the “Promoted Headline” widget menu:




6. Type your ad message in the “Promoted Headline” text area and paste URL of your landing page, then click the “Promote” button:




7. Once the “Promote” button is clicked the following bidding window appears on the screen to inform you about the number of points required to post your ad message as well as the number of points required for insurance purposes, which are going to be used automatically only if someone outbids you:




8. Click again the “Promote” button to accept the bid and post the promoted headline


Note: All promoted headlines are pre-moderated, thus, once the promoted headline has been posted the following notification will appear at the top of the page informing you that your headline is on moderation:






These are points which will be used automatically, in case someone outbids you. The number of points required for insurance purposes can be set in the bidding window, appearing once you click the “Promote” button.


How does insurance work?


If someone outbids you, insurance points will be used to make the minimum bid to your ad message according to the bidding rules to keep the top position of your promoted headline.


Outbid Notifications


In case someone makes the bid higher than yours, you will receive an email notification that you were outbid: Скрин


If you want to keep the top position of your promoted headline, click the “Increase bid” option.


Note: Make sure to enable outbid notifications in your profile.



To install the “Promoted Headlines” widget on your website, read this Instruction.


To customize the “Promoted Headlines” widget settings, read this Instruction.


Happy commenting!