5 essential WP plugins for boosting engagement

5 essential WP plugins for boosting engagement

We’ll be the first to preach the benefits of engaging with your audience and replying to people who leave comments on your site. And, of course, using an interactive comment system like SolidOpinion to encourage audience participation.

But sometimes you want to take your engagement beyond one-on-one conversations. That’s where digital tools, like WordPress plugins, come in.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite WP plugins for driving engagement with your site, its social channels and your email list

SumoMe comes packaged as a single plugin, but it actually includes a suite of different tools built specifically to grow your site’s traffic.

One of the tools, ListBuilder, makes it easy to generate more email signups without annoying your readers. Another, the Welcome Mat, allows you to create high-converting landing pages that don’t require coding skills.

The best part? All of the tools are free for basic features. You can choose to upgrade for premium features like appearance customization.

You know those social media sharing icons you see along the sides of articles on sites like CNN and the Huffington Post? Digg Digg adds those social sharing options to your site, all contained in a convenient toolbar that encourages your visitors to spread your content.

You can choose the look of your Digg Digg display box to make it vertical, horizontal, floating, etc. It’s owned by Buffer and free to use.

Don’t let readers click away from your site as soon as they get to the end of an article. Instead, use Yuzo Related Posts to recommend other posts they’ll like on your site.

Customize the look of Yuzo by adding or removing thumbnail images, article descriptions and more. It’s free to download.

Pinterest has 100 million active users, yet many sites still neglect to provide pin-worthy content for their readers. You can make life a little easier for the Pinners in your audience by using Pin It Button for Images.

The plugin adds a handy ‘Pin It’ button that appears when a visitors hovers over any of the images on your site, giving users a non-invasive reminder that your content is Pinterest friendly!

If your goal is to get more Facebook likes (without paying for ads), WP Like2Get is a handy and creative option. It allows you to require users to like your Facebook page before accessing specific content, like an e-book or white paper.

This can be a highly effective tool when used sparingly—just make sure the content behind the “like wall” is highly worthwhile!


If you really want to take your user engagement up a notch without even downloading a plugin, SolidOpinion is the perfect tool for your site.

With just a few lines of copied and pasted code, you can turn your comments section into a self-moderated, easy-to-manage system with gamified functions and rewards for your most active users.

SolidOpinion gives publishers a unique way to monetize that doesn’t involve ads, but rather capitalizes on the existing engagement on your site.

Want to see how SolidOpinion can make managing and monetizing your comments section a breeze? Try it free now.

What are your favorite plugins for WordPress?