Commenting platform

SolidOpinion is a dynamic stand alone commenting platform

No need to change your existing commenting system

Works with all major commenting platforms

Extremely easy to integrate - a few lines of code on your page

Gives your most active users share of voice

New revenue stream for publishers

  • Modifiable at any time
  • Sign-in integrated with your user system

  • Intuitive easy-to-use backend
  • Multiple social sign-in options

  • White-labeling option

  • Build your own Quora!
  • Turns contributors into moderators

  • Highlights social influencers
  • Become a destination for expert advice

  • Encourages positive engagement

  • Toxic commenters are gone
  • Best comments become visible

  • Moderates even the heaviest comment volume
  • Your user base is your troll shield!

Gamified Functions

Commenting becomes as gamelike as you want it to be

Robust platform

  • Functions that suit your site’s need
  • Multiple business models
  • SEO optimized comments
  • Multilingual widgets and more

Ease of installation

  • Full import of your old comments
  • Personalized support
  • Plugins for every major CM

Mobile ready

  • Thumb-friendly simplified navigation
  • Fast-loading over all mobile connections
  • Displays embedded videos on all screen types

Social Functions

  • Get people talking and sharing
  • Integrated with all major social-networks
  • Bring new people back to your discussion