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Solid Opinion

Solid Opinion

Solid Opinion is a site comment provider. It is available for anyone who has gone through ‘Enhanced Integration’. It will automatically add a comments section to the pages of your choosing.

The settings in the app are divided into 4 sections:

  • Filters
  • Moderation
  • Ranks
  • Widget


This allows specific domains to use Solid Opinion. It is only recommended if you use Solid Opinion for multiple domains within Ezoic.

The * is a regular expression for the wildcard. *.google.com will allow all of the subdomains for Google. google.com.* will allow any number of characters that follow.


This is where you can add moderators. Simply click the green button to add a moderator and provide their email. That’s it! They will then have the ability to moderate the comments section.


This feature can be used to incentivize repeat/returning visitors. The more they contribute to the comments, the higher their point totals will become. With the points, you can assign them certain titles within Solid Opinion, and at a certain level can even become moderators!


The Community tab will appear within the Sidebar. You can limit the number of posts that appear in the Sidebar widget (on every page of your site). It can contain popular comment threads, top commented threads, the latest comments, where popular commenters are, or any combination of the four. This is yet another way to get your users to participate in discussions happening on your site by directing them to the hot spots!