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“Promoted Headlines” Widget Settings

“Promoted Headlines” Widget Settings

To change the “Promoted Headlines” widget settings follow the steps below: 


1. Log in to your SolidOpinion account:




2. Go to the “Your Sites” tab on the top panel of the website:




3. Find the website you want to change the “Promoted Headlines” widget settings for:




4. Click the “Settings” button:




5. Select the “Revenue” tab: 




Note: Make sure that one of the promoted widget types is selected as the main one in the “Style” tab (Promoted Comments, Promoted Comments + Regular Comments, Promoted Comments + Regular Comments (folded) or Promoted Headlines), otherwise the “Revenue” tab will be locked for changes


6. Adjust the “Promoted Headlines” widget settings:


1) Minimum bid for a headline – this parameter is used to set a minimum amount of engagements for a user to spend to make a bid

2) Length – this parameter is used to limit the number of characters in the text of a promoted headline

3) Expiration Time – this parameter is used to set expiration time for a promoted headline, it means that the promoted headline will remain visible to users for a period of time specified in the settings unless someone outbids it

4) Allow URL this parameter is used to enable users to add the landing page links to their promoted headlines

5) Is it an Ad? – this parameter is used to mark a posted promoted headline as an ad to inform other users that your message is an advertisement

6) Font Size – this parameter is used to change the font size of a promoted headline

7) Justification –  this parameter is used to center a promoted headline or align it left or right

8) Shading – this parameter is used to set a background color of your promoted headline text

9) Prefix – you can set “Prefix” before a promoted headline message and add text or images

10) Suffix – you can set “Suffix” after a promoted headline message and add text or images

11) Default Headline Options These parameters are used to adjust the default placeholder message as well as look-and-feel of the “Promoted Headlines” widget:




7. Confirm the changes in the “Promoted Headlines” widget settings by clicking the “Save Changes” button. Once it is done the message: “Settings were successfully updated” will appear at the top of the page:





To install the “Promoted Headlines” widget on your website, read this Instruction.



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