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Promoted comments settings

Promoted comments settings

You’ll find the information about all settings of the Promoted Comment widget type at this article. Also it is important to remember that you’ll be able to change this settings only if you turn on one of these widget types:  “Promoted comments” or  “Promoted headline”.

1.Number of comments displayed in the promoted comment section – here you can choose how many “Pormoted comments” will be displayed in the promoted comment section.

2.Minimum bid for a promotional comment – here you can set the minimum amount of points to make a bid, applies to all users.

3.All expanded / Comment length to be displayed – here you can set the ammount of comment lines that will be displayed.

4.Set expiration date for promo comment on site – using this option you can set the expiration time of your promoted comments, it means that the message will be on the top of the Promoted comments during the time period that you are able to change unless someone overbids it.

5.Legend above the Promo Comments – here you enter a short legend about the “Promoted comments”.
Example: “Top Comments”, “Promoted comments”.

6.Default text in the comment text field – here you can write a default text which will be displayed in the comment text field.

7.Display current commenter points balance – this option is aimed to enable or disable the display of a commenter balance in the comment area.

8.Promoted comment description – through this option you can set a default text for the “Promoted comments”.

9.Display example Promo comment if there is no Promo comments in the discussion yet – you can use this option, when you have no coments on your web site yet. When a user will write the first comment, this text will disappear and all users will see that comment.

10. Apply restricted words policy for Promo comments – you can turn on this function to forbid the use of some words on your web site.

11.Send promo comment for post moderation – this function is used to send comments on moderation.

12.Is it an Ad? – this option is used to inform other users that your message is an advertisement.

13.Add Ads explanation to Promo comments – through this option you can add the explanation to Add Ads in the “Promo comments”.

14. Happy commenting!