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Promoted Comments integration with other commenting systems

Promoted Comments integration with other commenting systems

The SolidOpinion promoted comments widget is compatible with other commenting systems and can be installed on your website even if you already use some other commenting service.

To install the promoted comments widget on your website follow the steps below:

1) Go to my.solidopinion.com
2) Click on the “Sign up for SolidOpinion” link at the bottom of the sign in box and fill out the required fields
Also, you have an opportunity to sign in by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Yahoo, or Google+ accounts.
3) In the “I’m a website owner” option select the commenting system, which is already installed on your website (Disqus or Facebook comments), and click on the “Add your first site” button
4) Fill out the necessary fields: specify the website name and its URL, select the language and click the “Save Changes” button
5) Find the “Embed” tab on the admin panel of your website to get the embed code, with the help of which the SolidOpinion widget can be installed
6) Read the SolidOpinion Publisher agreement and click the “I agree” button at the bottom of the page
7) Copy the provided embed code and paste it into the appropriate place of your website code
8) Go back to your website admin panel and find the “Style” tab
9) Go to the “Configure” section and find the “Main widget type” option

10) Select the “Promoted comments” option from the dropdown to set this widget type as the main one on your website