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Promoted Comments for commenters

Promoted Comments for commenters

The SolidOpinion widget enables you to promote your comments to the top position of the promoted comments section, placed above regular comments of other users. Thus, your comment can stand out among others.


To make it displayed in the Top Comments section you can bid for the top spot by spending a certain number of your points.


By default, promoted comments are shown in the compact way and to see more detailed information about a certain promoted comment you should click the “+” button in the upper right corner of a promoted comment:





To post a promoted comment type the text of your comment in the textbox and then click the “Promote” button:




The following popup window will appear to inform you about the number of points required to promote your comment to the top spot as well as the number of points required for insurance purposes, which are going to be used automatically only if someone outbids you:






Click again the “Promote” button to accept the bid and post the promoted comment.


Also, you can promote a regular comment posted earlier to the top of the comments section by clicking the “Promote” button in the bottom right corner of the comment you want to promote:



Note: After you comment has been promoted the following icon will appear in the upper right corner of your comment:





In case your promoted comment was outbid by another user, you can promote it once again to get it back to the top position.


Note: The number of points required for promoting comment which was outbid will be less compared to the number of points required for posting a new promoted comment.





These are points which will be used automatically, in case someone outbids you. The number of points required for insurance purposes can be set in the bidding window, appearing once you click the “Promote” button.



How does insurance work?


If someone outbids you, insurance points will be used to make the minimum bid to your comment according to the bids rules to keep the top position of your comment. In case you promote the comment, which was outbid, insurance points are added to the points previously set for insurance purposes.



Outbid Notifications


In case someone makes the bid higher than yours, you will receive an email notification that you were outbid:




If you want to keep the top position of your comment, click the “Increase bid” option.


Note: Make sure to enable outbid notifications in your profile.



Bidding via Admin Panel


Also, you can use the admin panel on my.solidopinion.com to promote your comment once again.


Go to the “Your Profile” tab, scroll down the page until you see the “Your SolidOpinion Activity” heading.


Put the name of the website your promoted comment is located on into the search box:




Select the “Your promoted comments” tab, opening the list of the promoted comments you have on a certain website:




After finding the comment you want to promote once again, click the “Promote” button, opening the bidding window, where you can increase your bid.



Reply to a Promoted Comment


To post a reply to a promoted comment just click the “Reply” button in the bottom left corner of the comment menu you want to post a reply to:




Then type the text of your comment in the comment box and click the “Post” button.


Note: No points are required for posting a reply to a promoted comment.



Happy commenting!