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Our set of products lets you see the web like never before and to zero-in on where you need to be. We’re redefining targeted advertising. Won’t you join the revolution.
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Pay per article advertising

Targeting content

An effective ad campaign is one that is seen. By the right people, at the right time and place. It should not interfere with your audience’s experience, it should enhance it. By intelligently targeting content instead of people, PPA advertising lets you do just that.


Auction based, fairly priced, elegant text ads that your readers are sure to see because they’re right where their eyes are. There’s no longer a need to shout. Speak to your audience through the content they care about.


Be heard

Find content that excites you and your audience, and link your message to the reputable media channels of your choice with one clean line of text located right above the headline.


Beyond targeting, promoted headlines relate to the content your audience is reading. Your message is delivered in a native design that becomes part of the page. Plus, it gets to sit at the very top by the almighty headline. In a world full of ads, that’s one powerful place to be.


Easily links to your landing page


Promotes installs – by letting you put a CTA right on the page


60% of impressions on mobile – making app installs even easier


Comments are now good for everyone

Just below all content is the comments section

The space below the fold is active space, it’s where your readers engage with your content and with each other. This is a good place to talk to them – and to give those with a passionate voice the chance to be heard.


Without interfering with regular commenting, anyone can place up to three lines of text at the very top of the comments section. State your opinion or promote your message. Only relevant comments are allowed, which ensures that they add value to the content while acting as a new revenue source for publishers.