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Commenting platform

SolidOpinion is a dynamic stand alone commenting platform

No need to change your existing commenting system

Works will all major commenting platform

Extremely easy to integrate - a few lines of code on your page

Gives your most active users share of voice

New revenue stream for publisher

Modifiable at any time

integrated with your user system

Intuitive easy-to-use backend

Multiple social sign-in options

White-labeling option

Build your own Quora!

Turns contributors into moderators

Highlights Social Influencers

Become a destination for expert advice

Encourages positive engagement

Toxic commenters gone

Best comments become visible

Moderates even the heaviest comment volume

Your user base is your troll shield!

Best comments become visible

Best comments become visible

Best comments become visible

Gamified functions

Commenting becomees as game-like as you want it to be

Best comments become visible

Best comments become visible

Best comments become visible

Robust platform

Functions that suit your site's need Multiple business models SEO optimized comments Multilingual widgets and more

Ease of instalation

Full import of your old comments. Personalized support. Plugins for every major CM.

Mobile ready

Thumb-friendly simplified navigation. Fast-loading over all mobile connections. Displays embedded videos on all screen types.

Social Functions

Get people talking and sharing. Integrated with all major social-networks. Brings new people back to your discussion