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Comments… show the currents that move

-Michael Erard, The New York Times

You hear what the web is thinking

Comments are the pulse of the internet. They’re how people connect with one another and tell the world how they feel. They’re also an advertiser’s best way to measure, and act on, user sentiment.


See the top 1000 sites and top 1000 most commented-on topics each month. Clicking on either one will take you directly to Radar, where you’ll see the detailed results that help you make the right decisions…

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We make it actionable

Monitor the competition, and get smarter. See exactly what the popular sites are. See what they’re doing right. Learn what’s trending on a particular site at a particular point in time.


But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to make sense of raw data yourself, that would be silly. We give you the tools to make good sense of the information. We show you what’s relevant to you.

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