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Comments sorting order parameters for site owners

Comments sorting order parameters for site owners

By default comments on your website are sorted by newest – it means, that the newest comments are displayed at the top, while the oldest ones are located at the bottom of the widget.

To change the comments sorting parameters follow the steps below:


1) Log in to your account on my.solidopinion.com:




2) Go to the “Your Sites” tab on the top panel of the website:




3) Find the website you want to change the sorting parameters for and click the “Settings” button:




4) Select the “Style” tab on the admin panel and go to the “Configure” section to find comments sorting options:




5) Select one of the comments sorting order options from the dropdown list:

Highest Reputation
Newest and voted up
Highest reputation and voted up

The selected sorting order will be effective to all users by default. However, if a user changes settings directly in the widget, the selected sorting order will be stored in cookies and will be effective for the entire domain.


Happy commenting!