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SolidOpinion Inc., a technology startup with split headquarters in San Diego and New York, has raised $3.7 million in equity funding, according to a regulatory filing. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the financing included four investors and the paperwork was filed on Nov. 4. The company has developed a commenting system for websites that rewards good commenting behavior. In short, users are awarded points...

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Solidopinion Financing Solidopinion, Inc., Corporation just filed form D regarding $3.65 million equity financing. This is a new filing. Solidopinion was able to sell $3.65 million. That is 100.00% of the financing round. The total financing amount was $3.65 million. The fundraising form was filed on 2016-11-03. The reason for the financing was: unspecified. Solidopinion is based in New York. The filler’s business is Other Technology. The...

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The idea of monetizing comment sections by asking readers to pay to contribute or promote their comments might sound like a good idea. Michael Robertson, who founded MP3.com in the '90s and, more recently, the comment management platform SolidOpinion, posits that such a move could solve two problems at once. Charging readers to leave a comment would introduce a new revenue stream for digital publishers as...

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New York City-based company says its commenting platform provides a new source of revenue and makes comment moderation affordable. Have you ever felt so strongly about something you read online that you wanted your posted comment to stand out? This week, a New York City-based company, SolidOpinion, launched its first product — a new commenting platform — to turn that passion from readers, competitors and advertisers into revenue...

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News publishers have such a fraught relationship with the people who comment on their articles that many websites have been removing the comments section altogether. Michael Robertson thinks he has a better idea: start charging the people who hang out there. Robertson, an entrepreneur in San Diego best known for founding MP3.com and fighting a long legal battle with the record industry, argues that the prospect...

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Can publishers monetize their comment sections and will it lead to a better commenting experience? SolidOpinion, a new startup, gives publishers a way to charge their readers to rank higher in the comments section. According to Bloomberg Technology, it’s a free service to the publisher, but it takes a cut of revenue generated from the end users. The service hopes that readers such as businesses or political...

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The San Diego (California) Union Tribune removed Facebook Comments and replaced them with SolidOpinon. The new commenting service offers publishers a few lines of code that will help them generate income from comment traffic. SolidOpinion, launched Wednesday April 20, 2016,  was founded by Michael Robertson, founder and CEO of digital music site MP3.com and Gizmo5. “Until now the comment section has costs publishers time and money so...

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The Union-Tribune is experimenting with a new commenting system: It uses points to reward good commenting behavior and to give users a way to make their comments more prominent. It looks and works like the other commenting tools you've seen on the U-T and other sites. What's different is a "Promoted Comments" area that displays three comments above the others. Users can bid against other commenters...

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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2016) - SolidOpinion, the leading commenting solution for web publishers worldwide announced today web publication Next Big Future is trending now with over 41 comments on article titled, "Russia Ramping Up Full mass production of various Armata vehicles from 2017-2020" The SolidOpinion easy to use commenting plug-in platforms encourage readers to engage on-page content increasing average time spent per page...

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