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Our set of products lets you see the web like never before and to zero-in on where you need to be. We’re redefining targeted advertising. Won’t you join the revolution.
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Great service means speed and flexibility

We’re here to help you deliver. We know how important it is to tailor each campaign to the needs of the client and we know it should be done quickly. That’s why we’ve created a truly robust platform that’s nothing short of a miracle when it comes to ease of setup, campaign tracking and targeting. With effective placements, transparent results and built-in services, we let you offer your client more, much more, at the click of a button.

Simplicity, amazing results

Bulk buying that’s smart, not random, lets you serve each client’s specific needs.
Extra features such as intelligent reports created for your clients from our rich database of info let you offer more at record speed.
Campaign tracking through a helpful dashboard lets you know where your ads are running and how well they’re doing.

PPA Central

Bid to place your message at the very top of the comments section. Be at the head of the conversation.
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The most valuable insight about the web right at your fingertips. Clear and ready to use.
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Promoted Headlines

Place your message above the headline of premium content. Go viral when it does.
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Pay per article advertising

Speak to your clients’ customers through specifically selected, relevant quality content.
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