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Add format

Add format

Effect: “Add format”
Location: “Comment” menu


The “Add format” effect enables you to change formatting of your and other users’ comments (bold, Italic and underlined fonts are available for use):


“Add format” is a permanent effect, which means that once it has been applied there is no opportunity to remove it.


To apply formatting to a particular part of the comment text you need to open the “Comment” menu located under the comment, press the “A” button in the user toolbar and select the part of the text with the help of your cursor:

Then select the corresponding icon of the font type you want to be applied to this part of the comment and press the “Apply for X points” button.




You can also combine different types of text formatting at once.


Note: This is a “paid” effect which means that you’ll have to spend a certain amount of your points to change formatting.


Happy commenting!