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October 2017

This past year has been marked with disruptive innovations that promise to upend almost every single industry. From the rise of Blockchain and Virtual Reality, to the proliferation of voice-enabled assistants, companies across the board are aiming to make daily life more efficient, entertaining and informative. Although 2017 has set the innovation bar high, I’m already looking ahead to what’s in store for 2018. Several startups...

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)   An initial coin offering (ICO) is a phenomenon that has become popular thanks to the rise of cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin and Ethereum. For stock market watchers, an ICO is somewhat like an IPO, except that those who participate in the ICO do not actually own coins; rather, they own an option to buy coins at a discounted price. In exchange for this option, participants must pay...

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  To add URL to your "Promoted Headline" follow the steps below:   Step 1. Open the website you need   Step 2. Log in to your SolidOpinion account.   Step 3. Go to the "Promoted Headline" section.   Step 4. Click on the arrow icon in the right corner of the "Promoted Headline" menu, then type your message in the "Promoted Headline" text areas and click the "Promote" button: Step 5. The link has been successfully added.    ...

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