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June 2017

The SolidOpinion widget enables you to promote your comments to the top position of the promoted comments section, placed above regular comments of other users. Thus, your comment can stand out among others.   To make it displayed in the “Top Comments” section you can bid for the top spot by spending a certain number of your points.   By default, promoted comments are shown in the compact way...

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To install the "Promoted Headlines" widget on your website, follow the steps below:   1. Log in to your SolidOpinion account:     2. Go to the “Your sites” tab and type-in the short name of your site in the search-field located in the upper right corner of the page:     3. Find the website you want to install the “Promoted Headlines” widget for and click the “Settings” button:     4. Go to the “Embed” tab on the admin...

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The SolidOpinion company has developed PPA Central, a special tool designed for website users ensuring smooth process of posting and tracking of promoted comments and headlines. It enables users to browse articles, bid for promoted comments and buy promoted headlines.   PPA Central helps to find relevant articles on specific sites to ensure your message is showed to your target audience. The search for the most relevant...

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