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July 2016

You probably know that emotions inspire people to take action, be it signing up to volunteer, voting for a particular candidate, or in our case, commenting on an article online. But what are the specific emotions that inspire engagement the most? We’ve dug through the research and come up with four emotions most closely associated with virally-shared engaging content. We explain them below—along with how to...

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Every website has casual readers. These are the people who come to your site every once in a while when, for some reason or another, they remember that you exist. Or, they might click on your articles every now and then if they see them on social media or elsewhere on the web. But they don’t actively seek out your site on a daily basis....

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We’ll be the first to preach the benefits of engaging with your audience and replying to people who leave comments on your site. And, of course, using an interactive comment system like SolidOpinion to encourage audience participation. But sometimes you want to take your engagement beyond one-on-one conversations. That’s where digital tools, like WordPress plugins, come in....

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