Connecting you to the most relevant conversations

Our set of products lets you see the web like never before and to zero-in on where you need to be. We’re redefining targeted advertising. Won’t you join the revolution.
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Connecting you
to the most relevant conversations

A magnifying glass to the web

See the web like never before and zero-in on where you need to be using our set of products. We’re redefining targeted advertising.
Won’t you join the revolution.
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The research is in


Be seen

Over 73% of banner ads are ignored. Study after study shows that people can’t see banners even when they aren’t using software to block them. There’s got to be a better way, you say? There is.


Text is it

Eye-tracking studies have shown what ad people have known for decades – plain text is much more effective, 7 times more. Turns out that gimmicks have a shelf life, but words are forever.


A better experience

30% of ads are blocked. With seamlessly delivered ads on quality content, yours won’t be. Happier users mean more engagement, better performance, and stronger brand awareness for you.


Targeting content

A holistic ad revenue model that brings together user-generated and native content and lets you know where your folks are and what they’re seeing. Facts, not guesswork, bring you quality audiences 100% of the time.

Pay per article advertising

What is it?

It’s no more shots in the dark and never paying for ignored ads. Get maximum ROI by directly targeting high quality content.

Contextual ads attached to popular articles not imaginary users

Text-based and 7 times more likely to generate engagement

An auction model with very competitive market pricing

Find out how it works


Reach the audience you want while meeting your goals and budget. Choose the article where your ad will appear. Pay only and exactly for what works for you.

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The PPA Central Portal is easy and intuitive. Browse inventory, select packages, choose Promoted Headlines or Promoted comments (or both), set up campaigns and track your progress.

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The customizable commenting platform gives you quality user-generated content through reputation tracking and encourages user engagement.

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Setup is a breeze


Choose between categories

Sports, fashion, finance, politics... Our packages are easily browsable by categories and subcategories. Select the ones you like and see all the sponsorship packages available to you.


Select a sponsorship package

This is where you choose the set of topics that help us target the right articles for you, so that the right users see your message.


Set campaign parameters

You’re in control of your campaign. Choose its duration and budget. Plug in your ad copy and landing pages. Create as many versions as you need. Automate if you like.


Get your message out there

Once you have saved your settings, our clever engine will start placing ads on relevant articles. Here you can also track your campaign’s performance in detail.

We know the web

Become an audience expert. Real knowledge, for advertising that works.

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